20 Point Quality Check

20 Point Quality Check

 All our refurbished equipment comes to you after this extensive 20-point process.


1. Model ID and configuration:

The type and generation of Mac isnoted and a diagnostic performed. Diagnostics detect which internal hardware components are functioning properly.

2. Keyboard condition:

Backlighting and keys are checked for functionality and wear, and replaced when needed.

3. Ports are functioning:

Drives appropriate to the USB, Thunderboltand Firewire, HDMI ports etc., used to test that these ports are in working order.

4. Audio and speakers working:

A set of headphones and external speakers are plugged into the audio ports to test for sound. Speakers are also checked for sound and functionality.

5.  Bluetooth included:

The service team connects to Bluetooth – usually with a wireless mouse – to ensure it’s operational.

6. Micsand audio function:

We verify internal mics pick up soundand are working properly.

7. Webcam:

We verify the iSight camera functions on laptops and iMacs.

8. RAM operating at optimal efficiency:

We verify RAM is connected and working properly as part of the diagnostic run on each computer.

9. Ethernet works:

Ethernet ports are connected to PowerMax servers to ensure data can be transferred and computercan be hardwired for internet access.

10. Processor and Logic Board:

Tested during the diagnostic check to verify processor and logic board is in good working order.

11. PRAM and SMC:

These storeyour system settings, such as volume selection, clock settings and mouse scaling among other things and are checked to verify they are performing as they should and are checked both at the beginning and end of the process.

12. Storage tested and formatted: 

Hard drives are tested for proper functioning then erased to DOE compliant – 3-pass secure erase. Depending on the size of the drive, this can take as much as a week or more.

13. Video card functioning 

Functionality is checked to ensure they work as normal. Some computers, such as MacBook Pros and iMacs, also include a video systems test to see if they have been part of an Apple recall/repair.

14. External memory functioning:

eSATA or other non-standard memory cards installed in some MacPros are removed prior to testing and not replaced.

15. Functioning laptop battery:

Magnetic Resonance Testing,is used to check battery health, then the battery must power the computer through at least a 2-hour long movie.

16. Functioning optical drive (CD/DVDROM drive)

A DVD is played to test for functionality and sound.

17. A/C adapter inspected:

We verify all power adapters are in good running order. Cables are inspected for cracks, splits or wear and bricks for excessive scratches.

18. All applicable peripherals are tested and included:

Power cords and adapters are included with the computer. We do not include disks, books or stickers originally included with shipments.

Digital versions of Apple support manuals can be found here.

19. Cleaned inside and out:

Each computer is professionally cleaned. Defects such as dents, or scratches are photographed and included with the product description on the Secondbite.co.za website.

20. Enjoy!